Mobile Config Generator

Generate your .mobileconfig files instantly—for free.

Use your .mobileconfig to automatically configure email accounts with custom settings on iOS and macOS devices. Use this to save time when installing emails on multiple devices, providing clients or partners with access, or to keep a quick method to keep your login credentials safe and handy.

The easiest way to use your .mobileconfig file is to send it to your target device via email as an attachment. Users will be able to execute the attachment to automatically configure their inboxes on their devices.

Read the FAQ.

Using the API

Make your app generate .mobileconfig files on the fly using our API. API is subject to change.


Example Request

Fill in the inputs to alter the example request.


Example Response


Contains the data required to create a .mobileconfig file. Write this data to yourfile.mobileconfig to create your .mobileconfig file.


A URL to download the .mobileconfig file. Generated by a using URL encoded, stringified version of the mobileConfigObject seen above.

The Facts

Do you store my data?

Nope! We do not store any data. Configuration files are generated on-the-fly and never stored in any database. We'll never see, store, obtain, track, or utilize the data on this page outside of your session.

Do I have to enter my password?

Nope! If you do not enter a password, the device will prompt the user for the password during installation.

Is this safe?

Entirely. In-fact, this website API is open source and available on GitHub so you can see exactly how it works.

Help! It's not working!

If you're facing issues, the most probable cause is an inaccurate username(s), password(s), or hostname(s), or security level(s). Try configuring your mailbox with a mail client manually to ensure your credentials are working.

I'd like for the configuration files to be signed by company or organization.

We provide support for premium configuration files via Discord to all Patreon subscribers. Pledge now to support c00l projects like this one!

Help! The installation procedure warns me that this configuration file is unverified or unsigned in red!

By default, the .mobileconfig files generated here are not signed with a private key. This does not cause any issues, is totally safe, and does not alter the usability of the configuration file. If you'd like yours signed by your organization, refer to the question above!

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